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We, the Dresden-based agency B.E.S.T. | multimedia, were founded in 2001 and have since established a reputation in designing, traditional print products, and websites. However, our main focus lies on our broadcast solutions.

At B.E.S.T. | multimedia, we have a talented team with extensive experience and expertise in creating high-quality live streams for sports events. We ensure that viewers worldwide can follow the action in real-time, providing a seamless streaming experience.

Furthermore, we take pride in offering classic broadcast graphics to enhance the visual experience for viewers. Our graphic designers develop creative and engaging graphic elements that inform and entertain the audience during broadcasts.

Another area in which we specialize is 3D real-time graphics. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and our expertise, we produce impressive three-dimensional graphics that can be animated in real-time. These graphics provide a high level of realism, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the content and enjoy an interactive experience.

At B.E.S.T. | multimedia, we place great emphasis on quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients. Whether it’s developing a new logo, designing a print campaign, or creating a dynamic website, we leverage our experience and expertise to achieve optimal results.

Why Us?

best consulting services

we advise you on almost every broadcast or multimedia topic. We can also implement many things directly and easily.

over 20 years of experience

A lot has happened since we were founded in 2002. You can build on this experience.

international partners

We have the best of the best colleagues internationally at hand. Almost no matter how complicated your project may seem, we will take care of it.